Dance Marathon at Florida Gulf Coast University
Children's Miracle Network Hospital Kids are the heart of Dance Marathon. We are honored to celebrate the milestones every child and their family makes across our nation. It has especially been our priviledge to develop personal relationships with the  families in Fort Myers and St. Petersburg, FL. We encourage you to take a look at all the miracles happening at All Children's Hospital.


Executive Director - Nick DeGuzman

Director of Operations - Maddie Quinn
  • Co-Logistics Chair- Dan Mckee
  • Co-Logistics Chair- Anna Scheckenback
  • Activities and Entertainment Chair- Kaylee-Ana Wells
  • Family Relations Chair- Natalie Colwell

Director of Finance and Budgeting - Tony Guarino
  • Sponsorship Chair- Haley McKenzie
  • Hospitality Chair- Caitlin Macy

Director of Marketing - Clair Bailey
  • Social Media Chair- Karissa Jones
  • Promotions and Pre-Events Chair- Anna Packard

Director of Morale - Akeyla Johnson
  • Dancer Relations Chair- Aryanna Fortune
  • Greek Relations Chair- Jenna Grant
  • Co-Head Morale Captain- Natalia Martinez
  • Co-Head Morale Captain- Gabe Wilson

  1. Nick DeGuzman
    Nick DeGuzman
    Executive Director
  2. Maddie Quinn
    Maddie Quinn
    Director of Operations
  3. Tony Guarino
    Tony Guarino
    Director of Finance and Budgeting
  4. Clair Bailey
    Clair Bailey
    Director of Marketing
  5. FTK!
    Dance Marathon thanks you for your support!
  6. Akeyla Johnson
    Akeyla Johnson
    Co-Director of Morale